New Classical Cover of "All He Has To Do" & NEW RECORD UPDATE!

Hi Guys,

Greetings from my recording studio in New York City! sorry I’ve been out of touch a little bit this summer, but I’ve honestly been writing songs like a madwoman for the next record, with every free second I get. I’m shooting to have 30+ songs I’m happy with, to choose from for the next record, so I have been super, super-focused, and really writing up a whirlpool of a storm!

I might start posting video and sound clips of new songs for you guys to hear, and get your feedback on (if you’d be so kind!), which I’d love to get from you all- but briefly here are some new song titles, just to give you a tiny taste of what’s coming up, possibly on the next record…

“Black Rose,” “Safe Zone”, “Winning Hand”, “Yes, I Do Love You”, “Yellow Brick Road”, “Untitled (Woody Allen Movie Song)” “Spoons”, “50 Ways to Kill Your Lover” and “Freedom”. “I Could Love You Still” and “Straight Line” are songs you may have heard before, but contenders for the next record too! I’m working on versions of 8-10 other new songs too (I kind of work schizophrenically and sideways, and love the manic rush of working on multiple songs at once), so more on new ones soon.

Oh! Also, another exciting thing…I recently got sent a Classical cover version of “All He Has To Do” this amazing guitarist/woman arranged and played on youtube. This song isn’t a hit (yet, I hope??) , but to hear it covered classically was so amazing to me and geez, seriously, a real honor! She arranged it for a wedding, which is awesome. I think she might have made my year (; If you have a second, and want to watch it, here it is:


Ok, I have zillions of thing more to tell you all- and I promise to try and start video blogging and posting sound clips of new songs soon, and more often!!!! These new song clips won’t be perfect, and my vocals will be raw one-take performances, but I promise it will be real. very honest. very raw. very me singing to you in your kitchen, den or living room. or garage, if it’s not too moldy. very sheri.

I might actually need to start drinking a little whiskey before I hit the mic, for a couple of these songs though! get a little rasp going there!!!

love you guys, i hope you’re all brilliant and bloody good (as they say in the UK), and let me know how you all are.
i miss you guys. and send any song titles you think would make great songs, maybe it’ll be inspiring to this songwriting madness i’m in!!!!! (:


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