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Recording In LA Update!

Excited to keep recording new music in LA this January & February 2017! It’s been truly wonderful, extremely focused, magnificent. This recording is becoming my most powerful musical journey yet, and I believe something truly special.

I’ve had countless self-discovery “a-ha moments,” surrendering, allowing my artistry to purely serve the song, expressing its message. Creating authentic, soulful music, and getting out of my own way for the magic to happen.

recording with brilliant, legendary guitar extraordinaire Tim Pierce

Quick story. My team had been working on me getting a ‘perfect vocal’ for my song “Born To Love.” We comped the vocal, and it sounded like a really great technical performance…but was missing something. At day’s end, someone said “what if you don’t try at all. Just sing.” Well, I did. I sang it one take, and we ended up with a magical, authentic, live take, which we’re using. It was a surprise and delight.

On another note, I’ve never drank so much straight-up, black Bulletproof coffee, green kale juice, and soothing Throat Coat tea, in my life. I’m hardcore.

Thank you for your love and patience, with this recording. I’m committed to delivering excellence, and I won’t rush the process, until it’s ready. All in perfect timing.

In the meantime, my PledgeMusic campaign is still open, if you’d like to support my art. Please make sure to drop by, and check it out, and pledge here:

I want you to know how much I genuinely appreciate you. I couldn’t do this without you! Please stay tuned for more news soon. Sending you love, great warmth, and positive musical energy! xo sm

singing lying down. who knew?

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Recording New EP/ Record in LA!

Good news! I’ve been super focused recording my new EP/ Record in LA. It’s been pure magic. I’ve never felt so excited and inspired about my songs, and how we’re capturing them on tape, as I do now. I feel lucky to be working with incredible stellar musicians Will Lee on bass (Dave Letterman Band, Fab Faux), Aaron Sterling on drums (Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, Taylor Swift), Tim Pierce on guitar (Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Michael Jackson) and producer Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Herbie Hancock). It’s thrilling to record and be surrounded by such brilliant, world class musicians, who inspire me daily!

I genuinely appreciate your generosity and wonderfulness in supporting my new EP/ Record and Pledge Music Campaign The campaign is still open, and I’ll be sharing exclusive studio content & sneak peeks of songs, specially for pledgers. I honestly couldn’t make this recording without you, and can’t wait to share it with you!

I love you all! Sending great waves of love, wherever you are, in the world.
With appreciation and warmth, always,
xo sheri

Sheri singing

L to R: Jeff Bova, Aaron Sterling, Sheri, Will Lee

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Exciting News- My New Record Campaign!

Hey friends! Thanks for your pledges, I’m super excited to announce we reached the goal for my new record’s PledgeMusic campaign! These past few years, I’ve been passionately inspired, writing numerous songs that flow from my pure love of music, and express my artistic vision. I honestly feel so deeply excited about these new songs and can’t wait for you to hear them. I feel lucky to have an opportunity where you and I together, can make this record!

Please CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER THE NEW RECORD. If you pledge, you’ll be the first to hear the new songs!
thanks and love you all! much appreciation, as you make it possible! xo sm


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New Valentine’s Day Song & Show!

I’m excited to announce I’ve just recorded a new original Valentine’s Day song, “February 14 (I Don’t Want A Valentine).” This song is an uplifting, empowering song about freeing yourself from the romantic pressures of Valentine’s Day. Get it now on iTunes here and Amazon here!

To celebrate the new V-Day song, I’m playing a show Monday, February 10, 8:00 pm, at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3! Get tickets here now. I’d love to see you there! Thanks for listening, enjoy the new song, and Happy Valentine’s Day! with love, xoxo sm

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