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Exciting News- My New Record Campaign!

Hey friends! Thanks for your pledges, I’m super excited to announce we reached the goal for my new record’s PledgeMusic campaign! These past few years, I’ve been passionately inspired, writing numerous songs that flow from my pure love of music, and express my artistic vision. I honestly feel so deeply excited about these new songs and can’t wait for you to hear them. I feel lucky to have an opportunity where you and I together, can make this record!

Please CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER THE NEW RECORD. If you pledge, you’ll be the first to hear the new songs!
thanks and love you all! much appreciation, as you make it possible! xo sm


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New Valentine’s Day Song & Show!

I’m excited to announce I’ve just recorded a new original Valentine’s Day song, “February 14 (I Don’t Want A Valentine).” This song is an uplifting, empowering song about freeing yourself from the romantic pressures of Valentine’s Day. Get it now on iTunes here and Amazon here!

To celebrate the new V-Day song, I’m playing a show Monday, February 10, 8:00 pm, at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3! Get tickets here now. I’d love to see you there! Thanks for listening, enjoy the new song, and Happy Valentine’s Day! with love, xoxo sm

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New Original Holiday Singles!

I’m excited to have just recorded 2 original holiday songs I wrote, “Diamond Christmas,” and “Merry Christmas, Jesus, It’s Been One Helluva Year.” “Diamond” features beautiful lush strings, revealing a hopeful romantic’s wish for their love to return, with a twist at the end. “Merry Christmas, Jesus” is a darker song, as the narrator reveals their story and struggle, searching for their heart of gold, and ultimately finding it.

I’m proud of these songs, and I’d love for you to hear them! Please listen and support by downloading them both here

“Diamond Christmas”

“Merry Christmas, Jesus, It’s Been One Helluva Year”

I hope you enjoy them and I wish you a happy holidays! With love, xoxo s.

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“Mantra” Music Video Show Success!

The “Mantra” Video Release Show was a fantastic night, a success! It was a truly special evening…so much love. Thanks to my incredible band of Will Lee, Shawn Pelton, Jack Petruzelli, Neal Coomer & The Cutting Room! Amazing Swedish filmmaker Alana DaSilva wrote, filmed and edited the “Mantra” video and photos are by the talented Laurie Klugman.



Watch the video here now! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks, my loves! xo s.



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